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It only took one demo of Fangwei's prototype to send Shuo's business sense tingling. So many ideas. So many applications. And most of all, so much fun.  With a kid on the way, Shuo thought, "I should quit my full-time job, forego my paid paternity leave, give up my insurance benefits, and be part of this thing!"
The thing about the entrepreneurial spirit is that, well, it listens to no one. Especially not timing.

And thus, the Realiteer team grows. Shuo Zhang, who has known Fangwei for a modest seven years, joins as a co-founder! He hopes to contribute his scientific rigor, business acumen, and kick-ass lunch-making abilities to Realiteer.  

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It’s a perfect sunny day in Mt. View. A pizza lunch meet-up with Alain Raynaud that's been long awaited for. But the worst luck with things that could ever go wrong with a pitch, they went wrong: my Keynote betrayed me and refused to open, and I couldn’t stop sneezing and coughing because of the pollen flying all over the sky.

Thankfully, my brain didn’t stop working. Actually, my brain was super stimulated by some of the new ideas inspired from our conversation today. Here’s what I learned and need to keep working on:

  1. Start building user base, now. 
    Investors don’t necessarily need to like my products. As long as I already have users and market share, then it says people like my product, which is all what investors need to hear for them to bring out their checkbooks

  2. People can play with my games- with, or without my device RealTrigger. 
    People have lived all their lives ok without VR. So where do I start to get people into the VR world? Here’s the solution: a Trim down version. Users just download my VR game and can start playing with it in a non-VR environment. Or they can use their Google Cardboard to play with it. However, users will only have a full user experience when they wear the VR headset and have a RealTrigger in hand to play the games in a VR world. 

In the end, Alain asked for a souvenir of RealTrigger sample but it struck me that I don’t have a game published yet, which would just make my RealTrigger a useless piece of cardboard no better than a diaper box.

So here are the tasks to be accomplished:
  1. Release a beta version and start getting user feedback (Here’s for you, Alain, then you’ll have games to play with the RealTrigger that I’ll be UPS-ing to you)
  2. Partner with other VR game developers to try our API and to use RealTrigger as their input device
  3. Talk to Google Cardboard seeking partnership/licensing

One more question that I still yet have an answer for:
“What are you going to do say you have one million dollar funds for your company?”

Any thoughts?

<![CDATA[Realiteer introduction]]>Tue, 21 Apr 2015 08:29:49 GMThttp://realiteer.weebly.com/blog/realiteer-introduction
First introduction for Realiteer.
<![CDATA[Maker faire casing the joint]]>Fri, 17 Apr 2015 02:04:59 GMThttp://realiteer.weebly.com/blog/maker-faire-casing-the-joint
Realiteer is going to Maker Faire Bay Area to mark its debut! The event is on May 14 through 16. It's hard to imagine a empty exhibit hall like this is going to be filled with people next month.
Adrian loves running in this huge open space
Here is going to be the Realiteer booth.
Exhibit hall layout. Realiteer get a very good spot next to the main stage along with other virtual reality exhibitors.
Adrian enjoy putting sponsor stickers on him as a live advertisement.
Being a maker takes a lot. Now its time to rest.
<![CDATA[Kitchen render wip]]>Thu, 16 Apr 2015 00:51:08 GMThttp://realiteer.weebly.com/blog/kitchen-render-wip
But still nothing close to UE4:
<![CDATA[Experimenting centrifugal clutch for realtractor]]>Sat, 11 Apr 2015 17:17:43 GMThttp://realiteer.weebly.com/blog/experimenting-centrifugal-clutch-for-realtractor
<![CDATA[Testing GUI Animation with mecanim]]>Tue, 07 Apr 2015 22:51:22 GMThttp://realiteer.weebly.com/blog/testing-gui-animation-with-mecanimMecanim is a powerful character state machine tools. I think it'd be a great tool for motion design in game too. Here is a quick test.
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<![CDATA[Tracking Test 3/27]]>Fri, 27 Mar 2015 08:37:22 GMThttp://realiteer.weebly.com/blog/tracking-test-327